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The beginning

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Hi there, so glad to have you here!

How did I get here???

People always ask me how I got into the hospitality business.

Well, the story goes...I was a caterer for many years and I currently run a high end event planning business. Before that I worked in fashion for many years before my kids were born and I grew up in a family owned retail home furnishings business. I still bake and cook alot, and sometimes I buy things for people’s homes and decorate. I still LOVE fashion and all things stylish ….. so you could say that my everyday life and past touches the many aspects of food, fashion, decor and lifestyle! I'm going to turn 55 fairly soonish (ugh, did I really say that?*#@!). I have been in the lifestyle business for almost 30 years. I can't set the alarm clock, but this is what I know, and I know it inside and out- so I have decided to share what I know with those of you who may be interested. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it is literally an insane time of year for me in my event planning business but I decided it's time to take the first step regardless of how busy this time of year is. As I launch the blog today it is small in volume but trust me, I have got lots more coming your way!

Come on in...I hope you'll share my stories and enjoy!

The truth is that I started this entertaining business a VERY long time ago.

The proof is here in a handwritten letter from my Grandma Bea.

In case you didn't catch on...

is my initials with a little dedication to her as well.

In 1981 when I was 17 years old, I made her a Mother’s day lunch—and she loved it! In her note, she writes, “if I hadn’t seen you make it, I would wonder who catered it and decorated.” Got the proof right here above!

I’m sure it wasn’t that great but she was always full of love and support and I was always interested in entertaining as far back as 1981. Even then I loved cooking and creating anything decorative. I was happy to make the dinner. I couldn't have been more pumped to do this for her on Mother's Day. (Surround yourself with positive people- its helps sooo much!:))

Around the same time, I hosted one of my first luncheons. It was a birthday event for an old friend that I grew up with named Lisa. It was Lisa’s birthday—and a girl’s gotta eat and celebrate with friends! so I threw her a luncheon. Why not? Everyone gives luncheons at 16, right??????

Granny Bea with the (lopsided) cake I made in 1981! :)

Looking back, I guess I wasn’t a normal teenager to say the least, but it certainly set the stage for what was to come. My old friend Blair made me the welcome sign included in these pictures above that say’s “Welcome To Carolyn’s Pad” and I found it recently. I almost feel it was a “horoscope” too. I went into fashion before my children were born, followed by catering and well luckily I have an amazing boyfriend to fill in the flower in the picture. All of this was part of the prediction on the sign above.

That's me and my Granny Bea below:)

A year later my dad said, “Granny is turning 80, we’re gonna have some people over for brunch”. Without even a blink I proceeded to decorate the table, make chicken salad and cheesecake among other things. 40 people came over and I just kept doing it and doing it.

Then catering became parties and parties became events and all along my interest in current trends and styles grew and grew. I often find myself being called for advice on fashion, food and décor soo here it goes I am going to share what I know and experience in these areas….C Me Bealieve me….I know a few tricks of the trade and I’ve got plenty to share! I hope you enjoy, I feel LUCKY, GRATEFUL & THANKFUL that you have stopped by and Happy Thanksgiving as well!

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