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Entertain Like A Pro

Entertaining in style and cooking like a professional chef is easier than you think.

I have a fantastic find and secret entertaining hack for you that will wow your guests for a dinner party or make a special friend or loved one swoon for Valentine's Day.

I was thrilled to receive a culinary delight from The Fab Fete during the holidays in December, and even more excited to collaborate with them again on one of my Valentine's tablescapes.

They sent me their newest flavor soufflé of corn and truffle which was decadent!

Let me tell you all about them.

Elizabeth has been the creative force behind one of Houston's premier event companies for over 30 years,

Swift + Company has long been considered the gold standard in party planning in Houston, Texas.

For many years Elizabeth has been entertaining for her clients and in her own home.

She now shares her passion for hosting fabulous fêtes with family and friends with all of us.

The Fab Fête now brings Elizabeth's culinary expertise straight to your door.

Her love for entertaining and delicious food is obvious, and certainly something that enticed me!

These souffle's are so delicious and look beautiful.

They come out of the oven looking like they were made in a 5 star restaurant.

The Fab Fete ships these in beautiful packaging that protects the food perfectly.

This is the original cheese flavor. You can opt to order in the white ceramic dish that goes straight to the oven, and then to the table for serving.

(of course, it will be hot to the touch so something under is needed to protect your table and hands.). The souffle's are meant to be cooked within 2 days or frozen till' use.

There is also the option for "refills" if you are reordering or have your own serving dish.

I made the original cheese for New Years Day brunch.

I was really excited when The Fab Fete offered to send me their newest corn and truffle soufflé. I thought it would be perfect for my Valentine's Day stories, edits, and tablescapes.

I received the refills this time and reused my ceramic dish.

It does make a large portion, and, of course, right now we are a table of 2, and occasionally a child will drop so we had quite a bit extra.

For a small group I think next time I would plan to make the souffle's in mini individual ramekins.

You would just need to split the batter in half when you receive and freeze the unused half!

I consider myself a pretty good cook and I am pretty adventurous in the kitchen, but I will admit, I was never thrilled or gung ho to experiment with making any kind of souffle'.

I made a few over the years and they were fine, but it was always touch and go.

Just tooo much trouble!@#$%

This literally couldn't have been easier.

  1. Unwrap the package

  2. Turn on the oven

  3. Bake

  4. Remove from oven

  5. Serve Immediately


Seriously, it seems to good to be true. I can honestly confirm it is SO easy!

This would be ideal for Valentine's Day.

Don't delay on this PRO TIP!

You only have a FEW days left to order for Valentine's Day.

You can order for The Fab Fete here.

The cutoff date to order is Wednesday, February 10th for delivery on the 12th.

I know you will just love these and they make entertaining at home so easy and you will look like a pro too!

Eat, Drink & Enjoy!!!



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