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Cocktails & Hors D'oevres

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I know champagne is often the drink of choice for any romantic get together, but I thought I might come up with something a little more colorful for Valentine's Day.

I'm not really a bubble drinker anyway so I set out to craft a strawberry margarita.

After all, it had a rosy red hue and looked good!

I was thrilled to partner with Citrus Fresh Agave Mixers to create some fabulous cocktails for you. Their mixers are delicious and so easy to use. You simply just add the potion of your choice and VOILA you have a cocktail!

I embellished this margarita just a bit with extra berries and mint for garnish and created a sugar rim by mixing white sugar with Suncore Foods pityaya powder, and edible rosebuds for an extra special touch.

I was thrilled to receive these adorable cocktail napkins from Signature Napkins.

Their cotton cocktail napkins have the most hilarious quotes!

I was literally laughing out loud at some of them.

These above and below are part of the "pandemic" set of quotes.

These are so fun and a great conversation starter for any get together.

I think they would be a great hostess gift, or a fun birthday gift for a friend with a special bottle of something special to drink.

It would be great to buy a couple of sets and keep on hand for any guest

(when we can socialize normally again) or have a quick something to wrap up if you might get to be the guest at someone's home.

They do have linen options as well and some of the "holiday" editions are often offered in other color ways.

They hit the nail on the head with some of these quotes!

I particularly like the one about the airlines and weight of my suitcase:)

They also have a "marriage" set of quotes a few other "subjects at Signature Napkins.

Did you see my last post on Valentine's tablescapes and other gift ideas?

If not, take a look!

These pretty red and pink linen dinner napkins from Fete Home are featured there as well as quite a few other pretty tabletop items.

I just happen to love these as I use them all year long. They looked great in the fall with rustic tones and here they are perfect as an accent for pink or use them for a red white and blue look.

The marriage quote napkins for your Valentine's Day cocktails with your spouse is sure to bring a few laughs!

For the last 3 weeks I have been eating really gluten, dairy or sugar.

( full disclosure I made the drink for photos but didnt drink it, but I have had one before:))

While sometimes I'm sick of it, I'm trying hard and determined to work some healthier foods into my day to day.

SO I decided to make a simple board to go along with drinks.

It is easy and quick and you can combine any items you have.

The entire "celebration" board is dairy free and gluten free.

Beet hummus has become one of my favorites!

I bought this one but have been working on a new recipe for my own homemade version which I will share when I have perfected it.

I have to be honest - I don't like any vegan hard or shredded cheeses at all.

After cooking and being able to experience great food my whole life I can''t really say I would encourage anyone to use it in raw form on a board like this-

I'd rather skip it all together if I couldn't have regular cheese once in a while.

I made the little hearts with a cookie cutter from a hard cheese, but if you don't have any diet restrictions just use regular cheese for that.

However, The truffle "cheese spread" is vegan and that is DELICIOUS.

Misha's Kind Foods was SO good.

The truffle was beyond creamy and had great flavor.

I also tried the sun-dried tomato version and plan to make a gluten free flatbread with that.

Next time I will try the "ricotta" version and see what I can concoct with that.

I also made a few "heart" cucumbers that added a little whimsy to the platter.

I hope you will be inspired for a colorful Valentine or Celebration board for Entertaining IN Your Home.

Have a beautiful weekend and holiday filled with love.



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