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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Starting the Year out... Feeling like I am on CLOUD 9!

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope your holidays were amazing!!

I am feeling so optimistic and energized as the new year begins. Maybe it was all that good California sunshine I had in December or just having my whole family together for one night only in Memphis recently. I went to a fun family wedding in Memphis and got to be in sunny LA for 10 days! I just love the weather there! I'm not sure why but I can honestly say this is the first time I have been excited about January, and I've just got that lovin' feeling!

Waking up every morning next to these crystals is such a calming site- I may not pick them up or even use them but something just sets the morning tone right when that sunlight streams in and they glimmer.

Being in LA makes me realize how a little sunshine just affects your mood, and just helps with about everything else. The vibe is a little slower pace and it's just hard not to be healthy there. From the food to being outdoors ALOT more it's hard not to be a bit more active. Back in New York now and I am trying to start the year out right eating healthy, working out, sleeping and just basically taking care of myself. I feel like it's a NEW year, NEW start and I'm going at it full force with Positive vibes.

I am loving these fun "books" from Current Home. Great decor and a great message on each one. I have quite a few shelves in my bedroom and I think these will be a super cute touch!

Feeling great as the New Year starts! My head is in the clouds as I concoct tons of new ideas and generally always feeling on CLOUD 9 after a great hot yoga class this morning at Yoga Spark.

I am headed to the city to discuss a fantastic event I am planning with Cloud Catering. I am so excited about this.

Look at these photos below. How amazing does the food from Cloud Catering look? It is so delicious. I can't wait to work with them again!

What a gorgeous dessert table! My mouth is watering... Can't wait to get started planning Spring parties!

I am in LOVE with the new Red Bliss cloud chargers and that is the starting point for our event...I'll fill you in as soon as I know more, but it definitely is all about good vibes.

I'm dreaming up my next tablescape and I am LOVING these new cloud chargers from Red Bliss . I can't wait to share the next tabletop I am working on with you and tell you more about our event!!!

I am so in the mood for a new set of china and well let's just say I need the china as bad as I need a pair of shoes which means I want them, but don't need them. If I was going to indulge tho I would totally do one of these set of dishes from Darbie Angell.

I'm crazy about all 3. Platinum below seems like it would go with everything!

I always have a thing for a marbled look and I love this chic and elegant pattern Carraa from Darbie Angell

Last but not least how pretty are these! I totally have a spring tablescape in mind for this pattern.

I have rented a similar flatware like the one below from Borrowed Blu many times for my clients when doing events at Carolyn Bender Events. I was thrilled when my good friend, Timothy Scalett at David Beahm Destinations sent me this set that is available for purchase from Articture. I think this "dipped" flatware is so cool and it comes in different colors. I like the white with the Cloud chargers as it just seems light and airy.

To compliment this look I absolutely love these napkins and napkin rings from Kim Seybert. She has her own website and many of these styles are available at Current Home as well.

I am so looking forward to seeing their new store in New York City!!!

I have always been a fan of anything ombre or tie dye and I love this blue napkin. I think these could work with a variety things for Spring and fun with the marble dishes above.

For a clean classic and dressed up look with the cloud chargers I would go with either a gold or silver trim napkin from Kim Seybert.

I am about to bite the bullet and order these gorgeous napkin rings from Kim Seybert. I have been eyeing them forever- the question is gold or silver??!! I can see both in so many beautiful tablescapes! Obviously the gold compliment the silverware from Articture and the Darbie Angell white dishes trimmed in gold, but I really think the cloud chargers from Red Bliss could work with either gold or silver accents. Yet I am totally in love with this emerald green and gold style. I have got an idea for those!

Hope your January is off to a great start. Let me know what kind of entertaining you are planning for the next few months? I'm thinking of new tables and parties everyday over here!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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