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@bakersagainstracism is a global initiative with over 2400 other bakers joining together in this viral bake sale working together towards systematic change against racism.

Orders begin today!

The past few weeks have certainly been filled with lots of thinking and reflection as #blacklivesmatter has been on the forefront of all news. The past few months in quarantine has kept all of us AT HOME. It has felt like one big blur. I have baked and cooked more than we can possibly eat (or need too). I have been doing both since I was 16, but after thinking about it- I have ALWAYS baked. Sometimes for a party, sometimes for gifts, sometimes for no reason. Sometimes when I have 25 things going on (and not really any extra time).. I like to bring people cookies or sweets when I visit or sometimes just show up at a meeting with something sweet.

I know for a fact I like creating things. Baking is a form of art for me.

It also says LOVE to me. I mean... another word for dessert is SWEETS?

When I heard about @bakersagainstracism I knew I had to participate.


I am still very much quarantined and I have plenty of time and skills to make "sweet stuff".

I am hoping (& trying) to contribute to a better, safer, more unified world.

Even if it is only one cookie at a time... let's work together and bring more peace, love and happiness to the world!


Place an order anytime from June 15th until Thursday, June 18th at 4pm. I will contact you to work out delivery or pick up in the NYC, Westchester or NJ area for Saturday, June 20th. If you are outside the area and interested in an overnight shipment I would be more than happy and can give you an estimated shipping cost. All money from sales will be donated 100% to the charities. Payment is made by venmo to @Carolyn-Bender-6.

You can order cookies by the dozen or mix the flavors in quantities of 6, just let me know when you order your preference for flavor.

I'll be making all my usual specialties

Chocolate Chip

Mint Chip

Oatmeal Raisin


You can also order a bakers basket that will include cookies as well as a mix of other sweet treats such as:

Double chocolate brownies or Kahlua Brownies

Hello Dollies

Butterscotch Blondies

Various pound cakes and Banana Bread


I am 100% against racism and police brutality has got to be addressed ASAP.

I don't have all the answers or even a few, and I definitely can't change the world or solve these problems, but if a dozen cookies and $25 can help just get us one step closer to eradicating violence and provide therapy or comfort for those in need, I'll make a 1,000 cookies if all of you out there will buy them!

I will be donating 100% of the sales to the following two charities:

@theLoveland Foundation which aims to bring opportunity and healing to young black woman and girls, and @blacklivesmatter whose mission is to eradicate violence inflicted on Black communities. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, they aim to improve all lives.

Thanking you in advance for helping me help others!

Peace, Love and Happiness for all people out there!

Much Love, Carolyn


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