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Delicious Apple Cake

Kinda healthy too...well as far as "cake" goes.

This Apple Almond Bundt Cake is gluten free, vegan and made with Lakanto monkfruit sweetener.

Lakanto monkfruit sweetener is a great alternative to sugar!

With more apples than I knew what to do with on my hands I decided to take and old recipe of a delicious coffee cake I once made and update it in a healthier way.

This would be perfect to serve for a lighter dessert for brunch, lunch or a spring dinner.

It could easily be made into muffins as well and a healthy way to have a little something sweet for breakfast with your coffee. There is no dairy in it. Made with "flax" eggs, applesauce and almond milk. It is so moist you wouldn't believe it!

Here's the recipe!

Everyone's oven is different. My cake took an entire hour. I highly recommend testing it earlier in your own oven. My bundt pan was a tad smaller than the normal size so my cake was quite "thick".

To get the apples evenly coated before I layer them I toss them in the Lakanto sweetener before I layer them.

I prefer finely shaved almonds, they "melt" into the apples.

Pop it into the oven. The smell shortly after will be amazing!

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know if you try it!!

Hope you have a super sweet week.


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