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Time to Ring in a NEW Year

In my whole life I never knew, imagined or could have anticipated the craziness that 2020 brought. Everything felt like something you read about that happened in the old days, or another country ( not the one considered the leader of the free world!!@#$%)

I have gotten so accustomed to staying home...its starting to worry me.

Trying to remember what it is like to go out for dinner!!@#!@#$%^

At any rate, staying home has kept my family safe and I am most happy about that. We are incredibly lucky to have our health and the comforts of home. While I have cooked practically every day since March 14th (to be exact) and I'm fairly tired of it I wanted to end the year on a special note in celebration of NEW beginnings ahead.

The last year seems to have become the year of the tablescape.

People got bored at home and or tried to make dining at home more special.

I have always "set the table" when I made dinner.

I was always interested in china and making the table beautiful. I think that was the opening point that led me to a career in catering then event planning.

Growing up in a home goods store it gave me the access and opportunity to always have nice linens.

I had something specific in mind for New Years Eve.

I used to have a pocket watch of my grandfathers that I wore as a necklace on a silk cord

( now in the hands of one of my daughters).

Years later I would see them on the streets of NYC and thought they would always make a fun tablescape. I had thought about using them for New Years Eve or a "round the clock" bridal or baby shower.

Well it was "TIME" to actually make that tablescape happen!!

I found many costume watches on Etsy and Amazon, and they were all priced well.

I love the look of retro things and a few extra retro clocks were a perfect addition to the middle of the table.

I knew the watches would be used for "napkin rings". A little decorative detail for each place setting and a party favor for each guest. In this case since we were only a few in the family it gave me a reason to share with my girls something special and a memory of one of their grandparents.

Dinner at home started with a few easy appetizers. You can get the recipe for these stuffed mushrooms in my previous post.

I set the table with a neutral linen from Rebecca Udall.

I had the charcoal placemat custom made as I wanted a darker color than the napkin I have from her so that I could use with a variety of dishes that I own.

My current new favorite dish are these Ginori 1735. I love mixing the colors and they have so many possibilities depending on the linens and combinations I use.

A few peonies for a pop of color against the black accents made for a dramatic but bright table!

I hope your celebrations for the holiday were with your loved ones and I know you likely will wish goodbye to 2020 with me.

I'm wishing you a happy, healthy and wonderful 2021 ahead!!



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