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This Party Is Poppin'!

I have been known to make a candy table or 2 and to change it up a bit, save on cost and offer something new I decided to make a fun popcorn table. I think as we ease into Halloween season it just seemed like the perfect treat.

We had fun with props for this...and I needed an extra hand in getting it all together:)

I found these metal tubs at Home Goods and they were under $20!!

Great for my popcorn or plants.

I made my own BBQ popcorn. Simply popped some fresh corn and added seasoning from my favorite Memphis BBQ place...Corky's.

Just mix it up, there are so many ready available flavors out there. Sweet and salty, strata, black pepper and truffle are on my usual list. I am loving those Pop Chips. You can find all of these in your usual grocery stores or online.

For added fun, offer plain popcorn with shakers and flavorful salts. Popcorn Salt shakers are easy to find online.

If you want the real old fashioned feel...Williams Sonoma offers Whirley Pop Popper

Have fun with's a great kids party, ballgame snack or an easy and cost effective alternative to candy...Don't we all have enough candy on Halloween??!!

Hope you enjoy!!

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