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Strawberry Lemonade Cake

I know life threw a few lemons out this week for many people in many places.

I feel really lucky I had no snow. Power and water were no issue at all for us.


I hope wherever you are- you are safe and warm and getting back to normal status!

I had too many lemons in my kitchen and strawberries too.

I decided to use all those lemons and berries and make something to sweeten the day, and hopefully brighten your day and entice you to bake for spring.

It's hard to believe but spring really is around the corner.

This would be great to share around your table for any occasion.

The recipe is really quick and easy!

The pitaya powder is great for baking as it is natural and adds color.

A much better alternative to food coloring and gives you the pink swirl!

Doesn't that look good!!???

It is light and airy and so moist!

I hope you enjoy this new recipe. Let me know if you try it!!

Have a really sweet Sunday!!

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