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My Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, I know that many people have trouble thinking of gifts ideas. Shopping has never been a problem for me! I have a few little ideas for your gift list...

Here are my top 10 holiday gift/stocking stuffer ideas!

1. This beautiful Daivd Beahm candle is the perfect holiday gift. It gives such a warm and cozy vibe every time I light it. Plus, it lasts long and has a great unisex smell!

2. Ceci New York Notebooks and Notecards

I was in need of some new stationary items and luckily found these beautiful Ceci New York notecards. Talk about Southern Hospitality and New York Style... these are so chic and stylish. Writing letters is such a lost gem. Nothing is more personal than receiving a handwritten letter.

I love all the designs, but here are my top 4 favorites. It was so hard to pick from all these great options.

This New York/San Fransisco design is great (though I am more of an LA person). I'm going to get these for my daughter who lives in LA!! Click here to buy only $39.95

The gold color is stunning, and the Zen design is so cool and unique...

And of course how could I not pick the monogram C for Carolyn!

3. Another great gift idea is this rich emerald green Chanel nail polish! This is a personal favorite of mine. I love to paint my nails green or red for the holiday season.

Here's some amazing color options

Buy this beautiful and trendy shade of red called "Pirate" here! (left). I think it would look great with any elegant black formal wear.

Another deeper shade of red but just as lovely! Find "Emblématique" here (right)

I know that these are expensive and they're not really something that you'd usually buy for yourself, but imagine how great it would be to receive them! My aunt got me some Chanel makeup brushes when I was 16 and I loved them so much. I'll never forget thinking what a magnificent gift that was.

And sparkle at your next holiday party with this powder that will give you a fantastic holiday glow.

4. The holidays are a perfect time to entertain. I LOVE these silver placemats by RedBliss.

They're so chic! They can be dressed up or down...

I recently did a dinner party with this design. See below the more recent patterns available online at RedBliss.

RedBliss doesn't sell the exact style above anymore, but there are many similar ones that you can get as a replacement that are just as perfect!

Here are some alternative placemats to buy... click here

The placemats are a bit costly, and if they don't fit into your budget, you can get a little touch of the Chroma design in these fantastic coasters. They are a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer as well.

5. I am in love with everything green this season! (More on that later this week...)

I'm lovin' this chic green leather jacket by Veronica Beard.

Green is the color of the season for me, and this jacket is so comfy and can be dressed up or down. It is amazing with jeans and a t-shirt, or put it over a little slip dress with a pair of boots for a night out on the town.

6. Time for tea!

I know tea doesn't sound like much of a present but my daughter Margo LOVES tea and it's what she wanted as a gift. Well, as soon as I bought it, I had to try all these flavors. I

Make your gift complete with this adorable vintage tea kettle.

7. While I love all the tea, I'm actually really wanting this fantastic Nespresso machine.

My boyfriend got me hooked on Nespresso coffee (and he doesn't even drink it...). They make so many amazing choices now. I'm going through my capsules like water, and I'm dying to try this new Nespresso machine... I love the way it froths.

Compliment your morning coffee or someone special to you with these adorable little spoons. Stocking stuffer or a grab bag gift.I think these little spoons are SO cute! They have the sweetest personalized phrases on them. Get them on Etsy!

8. Get cozy this winter with these Eberjey PJ's! . I heard these are on Oprah's list, but I've been wearing them for ages. My kids stole mine... so I'm gifting them their own brand new pair this year. They are just so cozy and soft and cute!!

9. After all the partying and a busy holiday season, your body might need a little rest...

This Yoga Detox bath is great to relax after a long week and would be a perfect holiday gift after rushing around all holiday season. What a great way to unwind.

Buy it here!

10. A great gift for any man, woman, or hostess, and perfect for any holiday entertaining. I love this clean, simple style I purchased at Current Home NY.

It's such a great gift. Try these ones...

For another related gift idea, buy someone the bottle of wine that you'd never buy yourself. You know when you hemmed and hawed and you really wanted it, but you just wouldn't buy it because it was $$$*%^&%$?!?!?! Let's face it, if you wouldn't buy it for yourself but you really wanted it, how great would it be to get that as a gift? Gifts are all about getting something you normally wouldn't buy yourself.

Shane at New York Vintners really knows his stuff... give him a call!

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