Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As we go into our second month of quarantine all the celebrations take on a different feel, but being together is what we really should be celebrating. Many things that one might usually want are not necessarily what we need or can use at this time. I've put together a few things to do and or buy for the Mom's out there.

While I will shortly be sending some ideas for tablecapes and menus ideas for Mother's Day Brunch and dinner I realize many will not be interested in cooking and or have the option to do so.

#1. First and foremost....

What will you be doing so Mom doesn't have to be in the kitchen and or think about what is being served?

My first and second suggestion for the ladies in your life is to "make it good, make it special, make it happen"!

You don't need to cook to do this.

We all ... guys, gals, children are sick of planning meals and cleaning up. I LOVE to cook and I am even getting tired of it. I read today in NY Times cooking by Sam Sifton "I’m kind of sick of cooking. Not every day, and not all of any day, but sometimes lately, yes, for a moment or two, cooking is a drag. There’s the tyranny of it, for one thing: three squares for four people, same as yesterday, same as tomorrow." If both a NY Times food writer and myself are getting tired of cooking I can only imagine what all of you are thinking?! Well, if you do want to cook I use NY Times Cooking for a reference quite often and they have some great suggestions for Mother's Day menus.

If you are NOT a cook, here is my #1 SUGGESTION;

I have many friends and colleagues who are providing meals TO GO and they deliver them to your doorstop. I posted about this in my Instagram, but if you missed it and do not want to cook and WANT TO ORDER FOR DELIVERY check out all these great caterers.

Normally these companies are providing food to the best of the best parties.

One GOOD thing that quarantine has brought us is their delicious food delivered to you at HOME, when normally they provide upscale, larger parties.

I have worked with all of them and can't speak highly enough about them all.

Check them out!! They all have special menus for Mother's Day and delivery. Some offer household goods as well. Many have various mixes for cocktails too to add to your delicious meals!

( these caterers delivery in the NY, CT, NJ surrounding areas)


Marcia Selden Catering,

Elegant Affairs

Crave by On the Marc,

Laurence Craig Catering.