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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Some of my friends have given me such unique and thoughtful gifts, and I want to share these with you!

My David Beahm candles are wrapped and ready to go...If you are lucky enough to work with David Beahm Destinations you clearly are going to attend or be part of a GORGEOUSLY decorated event. You may also be lucky enough to be the recipient of one of his yummy smelling candles when you visit the office for a presentation. Well, I have been lucky enough to do both and I have long been a fan of these candles so am packing them up for others this year.

I have recently received some very creative and special gifts from my friends I think you might like as well.....

My good friend Larry Craig at Laurence Craig Catering sent me these beautiful boxed chocolates. Who doesn't love chocolate? These chocolates were shaped into tiny little mice and they had festive red and green ribbons adorning them.They were beautifully packaged from LA Burdick. They look too good to eat!

When I opened the boxes, I was surprised to see the cutest mice ever...

Aren't they so perfect?

How could you go wrong with champagne???

I touched on this in my gift giving guide. What could be easier and yet more enjoyable than getting a bottle of something that you would never buy yourself?!!*#&@*()?? An amazing bottle of wine, that high $$$ tequila you've been yearning to try, or a top of the line champagne?! My friends Bob Conti and Ed Libby at Edlibby and co. brought me this when they came over for our little holiday soiree! I told them we're making a date in dreary January and we'll pop this bottle together. I have not had anybody tell me they didn't like Casa Dragones tequila once they tried it. They have a few versions of their tequila and yes, this is the high $$$ stuff, but even the lesser expensive bottle is one of the smoothest and special.

Just a few last minute thoughts for your weekend. I hope you have a great one!

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