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January Refresh

I decided to to do a little bathroom refresh or maybe I should say a self care refresh...

since it just happened to be part of making the bathroom more beautiful and luxurious?

I have always loved a bubble bath and as a childhood friend says-

I've always had lots of lotions potions and smelly things.

I also truly appreciate luxe goods and growing up in Memphis where my Dad had a retail store for over 30 years (and a wholesale business way back when) with the finest in bed, bath and home goods...

I know good quality towels and home goods when I see them!!

I was thrilled to have the chance to partner with Turkish Towel Collection to try their luxurious fine bed and bath products. It was perfect timing as we just recently landed in a rental apartment in Los Angeles without our own personal belongings. I was hesitant to change things in a temporary place, but once I received these gorgeous towels I felt like I was totally refreshed and ready for some self care and my bathrooms felt totally "designed" again.

I actually love the clean and chic look of our black and white modern bathrooms, and the patterns from Turkish towel collection were perfect. For my master bath I kept the look a clean and crisp black and white, but even the solid white towels have a beautiful chevron and the accent of the waffle weave with greek key on the white towels is so chic!

The patterns are sophisticated and SO chic yet traditional.

The Turkish Towel Collection bath towels are made from the finest 100% organic Bergama Turkish cotton. Using 17th century traditional weaving, They are handmade by master weavers in Bursa, Turkey.

With 1250 four-ply loops per inch, the Turkish towels are extremely absorbent, generously sized, and softer after every wash to create an extraordinary textile experience.

They get so fluffy it truly feels like you are experiencing bath time at one of the finest hotels or spas in the world!

The towels are so attractive they really become decor for the bathroom!

While I do love the look of black and white for our bathrooms, I am not at all opposed to adding a shot of color! To change it up a bit I took the same base look in the guest bathrooms and added a colorful towel for that bath.

I just loved the colors and patterns here. One of the patterns is called Fiorucci.

Do you remember the Fiorucci stores!??!

I was so excited to visit my first time to a Fiorucci store.

It was when I was 11 years old!

How ironic it was in Los Angeles, in Century City...not far at all from where I am living at the moment. What a crazy coincidence...40 something years later and many cities later in my life.:)

By the way I have folded alot of towels in my life and am embarrassed my corners on the towel on the top shelf are not perfect for this picture!!! I would be in trouble when I was working at my Dad's store for that! At any rate in the interest of time I wanted to get this out to you all as right now if you visit the website at Turkish Towel Collection, there is a discount to be had for right now!

They have so many beautiful products for your home. The woven blankets are just gorgeous and a perfect accent to a bedroom or sofa.

The patterns and quality of the throws are just great. this one is one of the lighter ones and perfect for the California climate and would also be ideal for Al Fresco seating in an outdoor living space. There are other beautiful styles with a heavier weight as well.

I am so glad I discovered Turkish Towel Collection.

They create for some of the finest luxury brands in the world.

Truly a little gem. Check out their website!!!

A little home and personal refresh is a great way to start the new year....

I hope your new year will be full of fresh new finds and happy, healthy days ahead!!



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