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Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I've always been crazy in love with fashion! Since the age of 7, I would go in my grandmother's closet, throw open the doors, and say "Let me pick out an outfit for you, Granny!" Before I had my children, I worked for a very big designer clothing company and I did merchandising, sales, and fashion shows: a little bit of everything and anything!

Even though my career veered into hospitality, I never lost my passion for fashion. One time, I was shopping with my daughter who said "Mom, you're a shop-a-holic" and I said "No, I'm a fash-a-holic." That kind of sums me up.

Here are some of my favorite things that I'm wearing and wanting right now!

I love this teddy coat from Zara. It's cold here on the East coast and this makes me feel so cozy and warm. I can dress it up or wear it with jeans and a t-shirt! Go to ZARA to buy.

Oh, baby it's cold outside in New York... I've actually had this hunter green teddy coat from Isabel Marant for a while. Green has been a big part of my story and my life for a while (see our green story). I think the accessories at Zara are really cute and well priced. I love my beanie and oversized cashmere scarf.

(Art in background by Michael Paras Photography)

The cashmere wrap is perfect for a cold day and I plan to take it with me on the plane to California and use it for cool nights on the beach as well. It's a great item to travel with.

But sunny days are ahead... I am headed to LA tomorrow for 10 days!!

My West Coast wardrobe is gonna consist of this for the next week... The vibe in LA is so different than New York. I have to think and pack accordingly. I love the casual vibe and of course the warm weather.

These Nili Lotan pants have creeped into my wardrobe... I own a bunch of colors. The fit and ease are great. I'm taking green with me because it goes well with black, white, and denim. I'll wear these with sneakers in the day, and throw some heels on at night. (Did I just mention green again??!? What is with that...)

A low, casual boot works with these and all my jeans as well...

I'm going to throw on a t-shirt in the day with these pants and then wear this at night with some heels and a silk top. I found this beautiful print at Nili Lotan-and it's on sale!

I plan on staying home for New Years Eve. We like to entertain at home with some good friends. If I was going out, I would probably do sparkles. I found this amazing dress at Zara. I think this hot number would be at the top of my list. Isn't this dress chic? Another great sale find that you should look for soon...I have a feeling it won't be available long.

Since I'm staying home, I'm opting for something casual but with a little bit of glam. I picked up this pair of denim with a gold stripe for pizzaz from Veronica Beard. I'll pair it with a simple white blouse in silk from Vince.

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

I'm on my feet an awful lot. It's really important that I have good shoes that fit and feel good. I'd rather buy less and get something really good and comfortable that last a long time. My go-to heels are these Gianvito Rossi. I can walk all around the city and stand all day. They are a bit pricy, but right now there are many styles on sale at Gianvito Rossi.

I get a lot of use out of this bootie/pump. I can wear it with a dress or jeans. I love that it's not a boot, not a shoe and not a pump, but it kind of hits on every note.

My wishlist includes these red boots, and they happen to be on sale right now....hmmm maybe happy holidays to me!

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