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Fall Decorating

I don’t know if it was apropos or just plain crazy to launch a new blog at one of the busiest times of the year, but I think it is kinda perfect timing to get started! So many people seem so lost or nervous at the aspect of holiday entertaining but I get excited with it, so I'm here to share some inspiration and tips with you.

I have always loved this time of year, the cooking, baking, decorating, being with family and friends. Thanksgiving is my MOST favorite holiday.

I work with a client on Thanksgiving organizing their family's event. It's a bit hectic as I usually work most of Thanksgiving day, so I have started celebrating with my family the night before- “twas the night before Thanksgiving”- for quite a few years now. The evening has sometimes been 50 people! We don’t have a ton of family and our children have been in school and living away from New York for quite some time now, but now that they are grown, it is almost easier and one of the few days everyone is together all at once all year. We extended our invite to a few friends, then a few more and everyone kept saying YES. It’s a fun time and the warmest night all year in our home. This year our celebration will be a little later and in sunny California where we spend a lot of time now that 3 of our 4 kids are on the west coast, but I still had a great time getting the house filled with fall decor and set the mood for the holidays.

I just love how warm and welcoming it looks with all the candles and fall decor.

I start with the basic stuff outside around Halloween and before I get into the real decorating and the tablescapes. I light candles all over and it starts with our front entrance, as you can see from our pictures!

The lovely look of candlelight coming up our walkway apparently is a winner. I heard some friends say as they entered the house for dinner- "did you see the candles outside”?

I purchased all of my lanterns from But I found many other great choices at Crate and Barrel, Target, and Pottery Barn.

It’s actually one of the simplest tricks and it will surely help to set a cozy, fall-themed Thanksgiving tone.

I Hope you have a great time decorating. Drop me a line anytime with decorating questions!

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