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Did you know tomorrow is National Rose' Day???!

I had no idea it was an actual "holiday"now, but I am happy to celebrate it!

I had the pleasure of hosting a summer soiree this week with some of my colleagues at Ivy Terrace in New York City. With my fellow hosts of the party we curated a beautiful evening for our friends and colleagues. Adam Leffel from Adam Leffel Productions did all the gorgeous decor. Guests were invited with a beautiful invitation custom designed by Ceci New York to set the tone and mood of our "rose'" themed event. We had delicious bites from Marc Weber of On the Marc Events. We relaxed to great vibes as music flowed throughout the night from a DJ provided by David Waterman of Total Entertainment and their newest live band.

Behind the lens is Andre Maier. He captured the whole evening on film and is the talent behind all these gorgeous photos!

Cheers from all of us!

We served rosé from JNSQ Wine which was delicious.

They also offer a fantastic sauvignon blanc.

In honor of National Rose' Day tomorrow I have partnered with JNSQ to bring you a discount code to purchase their wines. Not only is it delicious, but look how chic the bottles are!!!! Don't throw them out when you finish- they make beautiful vases!!

Just go online and order from JNSQ Wine.

Use the code CarolynBenderJNSQ10 for your 10% discount.

Nothing feels more romantic and relaxed than a glass of rose' among all these gorgeous blooms from Adam Leffel Productions. We'll have a follow up on all the details from the party next week and more summer entertaining tips.

Happy National Rose' Day!

We love the rose colored dresses from Zara for our girls....they can be worn dressed up or down and perfect for summer soiree and beach parties.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE music and have it on all the time wherever I am. I love all types, but I'm quite particular about what I play when as I want to hear just the right thing for the mood, location and time of day. I partnered with David Waterman and Total Entertainment to create a playlist for our event. Here is our DJ at the event playing our Summer Soiree cocktail playlist. On National Rose' Day (June 8th) you can find it on Tidal. Just search ROSE' ALL DAY by Carolyn Bender.

We had so much fun celebrating summer this week with all our friends.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend with friends and family and celebrate good times!


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