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Creative Placecards

There is no better way to show your guests how much thought and planning you put into having them dine with you at home than actually "setting" a place for them at the table.

In today's day as we still are conscious of social distancing with others....

it also makes it very easy to set the tone and the space in advance of where guest should plan to sit while dining in your home.

I have always loved a creative placecard as it also just enhances the table setting and decor.

Sharing some of my favorite ideas with you here.

As we near Thanksgiving one of my all time go to ideas is any fruit and vegetable that enhances your decor. I have gilded many pumpkins, pears, apples and leaves in the past....well I didn't personally "paint" them but I enlisted Gunsteens Lettering to do some creative calligraphy and provide the gilded items. You can also find many on etsy.

Maybe it is not an actual name but something sweet to do at each person's seat is to offer a quote or inspirational saying. I think we could all use a little of that these days!

Leaves are also a favorite. These were dipped in paint to add a little golden touch to this past Thanksgiving table I designed.

I have been a fan of anything agate for years. When I received some coasters it had my thoughts swirling. Fast forward as an event planner I used them many times for large events with calligraphy for a escort table. They are very easy to find these days in craft stores and Amazon and if you want to DIY all you need is a permanent marker. Here is an easy napkin fold with an agate slice for the name.

Same agate slice in a beautiful and elegant setting by the pool with this china from Herend.

I often have lots of fruit for table decor so I try to utilize it and get the most out of my purchase. These apples were a little wear and tired for eating but they worked just fine for a fall dinner placecard. You can literally use anything, apples, pears, lemons work well,

If you have a fruit or vegetable like an artichoke, fig or eggplant, just write on a "card" and attache it to your fruit or vegetable with a florist pin.

One of my favorite fall looks and accessories is anything wood. I made "cards" ;like this years ago for a birthday dinner and I always seem to go back to this look every year. The wood slices are available at craft stores and online. A simple ink pad with "stampers" is the way to add the names. This is a great project for kids to help out with and certainly easy to do in advance.

Just a pro tip- if you are ordering for a family dinner, just save and store your own families names for future dinners.

I ordered these for Thanksgiving and even though we won't be all together this year I went ahead and ordered EVERYONE's name.

I promise you once you use them you will love the accent they add to your table. Slip them away in a ziplock for the next dinner!

Hope that inspires you and gives you some great ideas for Entertaining at Home!!

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