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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words...

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

It is amazing to think that we all use our cell phones to capture our memories, special occasions, loved ones funny business, once in a lifetime accomplishments and milestones.

It doesn't seem that long away that I remember being at sleepaway camp at the ripe old age of 8 years and the whole cabin was on the "dock" to the river just outside our cabin- my counselor had a "real" camera. She was quite an avid "picture taker" she clicked the last shot in the reel of her camera, took it out and asked me to hold it so she could reload film and take a few more. Well my 8 year old hands- probably were covered in suntan oil or chocolate or both or it could have been my not very good juggling skills...the next thing I knew the film slipped into the water. OH NO!!!@#$%^&!! The look on her face...I'm still feeling bad writing this 48 years later!

Not only have times changed but it makes me realize that the truth is a picture can take you back to that spot in a far away country, a childhood memory, you can taste the ice cream or pasta with a sheer thought and site of an old photo or in a split second.

Unless you order a picture for a particular beautiful frame or spot in your home- it seems the little square glossies are long gone, but the act and need for the photo surely is not...we are on our phones all day long and constantly snapping pictures of everything, at least I know I am guilty of it all the time.

The old fashioned camera seems well... "old fashioned" but there are times where a professional is certainly needed and wanted. We may reserve this act for special events these days, but there are definitely enough lifetime events and celebrations worthy having a professional photograpgher around.

I can't offer photo tips. I am about to purchase a new phone with a better camera for my own everyday use and hopefully growing Instagram account. However, I can tell you that I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing some of the best of the best photographers in the NYC area and a few that work the around the West coast and travel nationally and internationally.

Whether you are hosting a lifetime celebration like a wedding or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or simply bringing friends together for a milestone birthday I can assure you all of these people on my list are the best of the best in the industry....and I must say they are all fantastic people who are a joy to be around!

You never know when they will capture you at your best(or goofiest) moment or in the middle of the act like David Hechler got me here!

In no particular order here are some fantastic choices to capture your special memories.

Check out these great photographers!

Fred Marcus Studio may have a long standing presence in New York City but Brian Marcus can be found coast to coast and internationally. He is in demand everywhere! His personality and beautiful work leave him requested by many who have known him for years and those who encounter his glamorous photos from The Fred Marcus studio's many events. It's a pleasure to see him at any event, and as one client said..."That photographer looks just like Bradley Cooper!" Your guest will love him and his whole crew!:)

Jurick Photography

When I saw Michael Jurick lay on the floor and slither across the dance floor for just the right angle I knew I was in for something special! It didn't stop there...once it was standing on something I feared he would fall, another time he crawled under the table to get just the right shot. I have seen him trek up Aspen mountain following the guest on their hike to the top and wade in the water for fly fishing.... with a steady hand as well! (I'm not really sure I could hike up much less take pictures doing it!) Nothing fazes him and everyone literally looks like Vogue and Esquire models in his photos! This is why so many insist on having them for all their lifetime celebrations and have him jump on board ...wherever the train, plain or car might take them!

Andre Maier Photography

André Maier Photography covers events on both the East and West coast and places in between. Andre has such creative eye and I feel his finished photos often look like art or a landscape. I love the feeling his pictures evoke as I glance thru. Take a look at his website and I encourage you to look at his yearly family postcards. They bring such a smile to my face!

Hechler Photography

I love working with Hechler Photography. Whether it be a wedding, mitzvah, social event or styled shoot...they know exactly what I am looking for. Their insight and comfort make each and every event a breeze and it just feels like a member of the family is taking the photos. It is no wonder we have had so many events together...the clients have used their services from weddings to the birth of grandchildren and any type of social parties. The whole Hechler team is amazing and they leave wonderful memories both through their presence and pictures.

Christian Oth

I am always enamored when I see the brides and beautiful weddings from Christian Oth . Whether it be from the many photos I come across in the magazines and editorial I often encounter or the posts I have seen from so many of my colleagues. Always elegant and stylish...he captures fashion, and style with the perfect eye, I truly enjoy all of his work and promise you will look picture perfect in all the photos he captures!

I just love the fantastic mood and happy vibes captured by Parris Whittingham! Everything I see from him just brings a smile to my face. How in the world does he get this little girl and her beautiful face so focused but you almost feel the swoosh of her skirt as she twirls?!!!@#$%^&*

Talk about evoking a memory I always feel I am part of the party when I browse thru all his work. Fun and energetic, warm and compassionate...need I say more??!

Phillip's warm and enthusiastic demeanor shines when you meet him and comes right thru the lens when you see his work. He captures the most unexpected touches, moments and feelings just when you least expect it. My yoga poses below validate that!~!@#$% !! Working with him seems effortless but his finished product proves nothing less than perfect!

I knew upon meeting Twah Dougherty that I would find nothing less than the most chic, stylish and fashionable photos in her portfolio. Our bond over food, fashion and decor convinced me I knew she had an "eye" for detail. Her soft and warm demeanor makes it a pleasure to share your celebration with her .. she might not just become part of the party but part of your family! She will capture the details and leave you with many long lasting memories and you might just feel you were a Vogue cover girl for the day!

James and Schulze are based on the West coast but have worked all over the world! Their incredible work has garnered the interest of families and individuals for years and taken them from tented backyards to the top of many mountains. Capturing the most special moments it's easy to see why they are often listed on many of the best of the best vendor list throughout the country.

I had the pleasure of doing a NYC party with Pura Soul but they can be found just about anywhere in the country. Based on the West coast they have a huge presence there and work all over the country shooting destination events. A quiet presence at your event they leave you with bold memories and beautiful photos.

To say that a picture speaks a thousand words is a bit of an understatement. ( I know I have written way more than that here!@#$) The truth is we can't actually turn back time, but you can almost relive and feel the moment when you see certain photos that remind you of all those lifetime memories and top 10 days. I will always remember launching this blog and sitting for Brian Marcus here the day of our Cloud 9 luncheon.

We have had so many parties and so many events....and after years and years sometimes you forget minor details, but then you get to see a funny out take like this one below from Michael Jurick....Miguel laughed a bit too hard and popped his tux shirt...if it's not one thing it's another, but I do remember CRACKING up at this very moment! Michael Jurick is always so fun to work with and he makes us laugh so often it's always playful and great to have him around.

Whatever you are toasting or celebrating I hope you enjoy your special event. I know that any one of these professionals will make your event an outstanding memory and top 10 day!!!

Cheers to you!!!

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