The official Launch Of CBealifestyle!

Updated: May 20, 2019

I started thinking about hosting a wellness luncheon almost a year ago. The idea of friends and colleagues coming together to relax for the afternoon seemed like a great way to promote a little peace, love and happiness. I know as an event planner I am running at 100 miles an hour often and have to force myself to take a break and get refreshed- restart.

I thought -I know I am not the only one- let me make a day out of it.

I decided I should make a formal announcement about my blog and I decided what better way than to invite everyone to relax, reboot and restore... and feel as if they were on cloud 9 for the afternoon!

Not long after I began thinking about the idea of a wellness luncheon I began this blog. I can't tell you that I love to write or I had been dreaming of starting a blog for a long time. I can't tell you I had ever read many blogs before, but what really happened was a combination of things.....

For those who don't know I had a catering business for 10 years before I started event planning. I am now in my 20th year in the event industry. I worked in fashion many years before the hospitality industry. For as long as I can remember my creative juices began flowing when I was very young. It all really began with my passion for fashion.

Food, Fashion and Decor have been my thing for a LONG time.

I also loved to cook. My Dad exposed me to the best of the best restaurants. It is not that he was so fancy, he was quite the contrary, but he LOVED food. The joke was - he began planning the next meal before we finished the one we were having! He took me to amazing places to eat and in his best southern drawl he told me "dover sole was the best thing you'll ever eat" and, when I ventured to Italy the first time, " you got to go to Harry's Bar for a Bellini." so I got very interested in cooking exposed to these amazing places.

It was not at all a grand plan or even a well thought out one- but when I had a note from my good friend, Rick Bardari that heads up Cipriani On Location literally just a week before the event I knew it was a sign things had come full circle. A Bellini bar was in the works for our luncheon.

My first "catered" dinner was in 1981 almost 41 years ago to the day that I write this post. This letter you may have seen from my very first post on the blog- I just have to go back a bit for some history and clarity on why and how I got here.

I had made dinner for my Grandma Bea on Mother's Day 1981. I'm sure she was just being nice but wrote" If I hadn't seen you make it I would wonder who catered the meal" and she loved how it was decorated.

Honestly, it was not a grand plan or a conscious decision to name my blog after her...but it really happened quite organic and felt like the perfect name. My initials are CB and my Grandma Bea and Dad are with me everyday as I write and interact creating Cbealifestyle. They are both the core of my foundation and part of this blog's lifeline.

I was happy to cook anything and I get excited in the market looking at produce ( I know crazy) but when people ask me what was my favorite thing to cook, my best dish I think I have to say it was just overall baking dessert. For some reason it just was my thing...buttery, sugary, old fashioned southern style desserts.

I always wished I had opened a bakery. I'm actually kinda jealous when I go into a cute little place these days, so I figured "well I will make one for the day!:)" Everything looks better with custom details. I called upon my colleague Ashley Gunsteens to make these custom signs for "my bakery".

Growing up my friend Audrey's mom, Aunt Madeline would make these lemon squares all the time. They were a staple, always a batch in the freezer, we ate way too many!

I think Hello Dollies have become my trademark.

I know there are a lot of 7 layer bars out there but I am told these are a winner!

I am forever making up cookie recipes. Everything cookies came out of a catering day of leftover ingredients and they are now a staple in my cookie baking. I'll be sharing some recipes soon.

I can't live without flowers, from the time I was old enough to drive a car I took myself to the store and would buy them like someone buys orange juice for the house- a staple one keeps at all times. I knew I wanted to have a "flower cart" so guests would leave with a bouquet. Flowers make everything better in my book! The amazing blooms both in the cart from Designer 8 and styled on the dining tables were from David Beahm Destinations. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 surrounded by all the beautiful blooms.

Food, Fashion and Decor have been a thing for me for as long as I can remember, and I wanted to highlight it all throughout the lunch....give you an idea of what you will be seeing and hearing from me at Cbealifestyle!

In recent years I started to notice more and more that I would get texts, emails, questions asking my advice from friends, family and collegues about my reccomendations on things related to food, fashion and decor. Whether it be where to eat in NYC, what color handbag to coordinate with a dress and where to buy it or a request for a recipe it seemed to be happening on a regular basis.

I don't know how to set an alarm clock ( I have figured it out on my phone tho:) and I can barely get the TV turned on ( I barely turn it on- music is on 24/7 wherever I am) but I think I can safely say after being in business over 20 years and entertaining for about 40 my expertise is food, fashion and decor- all the things related to lifestyle.

It was time for me to start writing it down and sharing what I know so I started a BLOG.

Let me just say... I realize there are many blogs out there. I do realize they are mostly run by millennials. Let's be real... I am clearly not one of them. The difference is- I have many more years of experience and expertise in food, fashion, and decor and I plan to share it all with you

I decided a nice relaxing lunch was the perfect way to announce CBealifestyle officially!

My wellness theme would be the inspiration for the luncheon and I was completely inspired by the new cloud chargers that Red Bliss Design had just added to their collection. Look how beautifully styled they are with linens from La Tavola Fine Linens, custom napkins from Lola Valentina, beautiful tabletop items from Party Rental Ltd, and gorgeous flowers from David Beahm Destinations.

There wasn't a doubt in my mind that this called for Cloud Catering to partner with us.

Everything they do is delicious and beautifully presented. Between the RedBliss cloud chargers, the delectable lunch from Cloud Catering and the view high in the sky at Glasshouses, it was truly a day on Cloud 9 for me and I hope for everyone else!

CBealifestyle is to share all that I know about food, fashion and decor. Share the people, places, and products that I believe in.

On social media I can be found @CMEBealieveme. The name goes hand in hand with the blog and my philosophies. If I recommend something it's because I love it, believe in it or trust the person or company. I am very concerned with the "perfect" fit and match. I promise you if you read it or hear it from me you can CMEBealieve me, it's something I like and believe in!

I know that at times I take it for granted that I live in New York City, the epicenter of food, fashion and decor where many lifestyle trends begin.

Many who create these trends I am lucky enough to call my friends and colleagues.


I felt like I was on cloud 9 hosting this lunch at The Glasshouses Chelsea looking out at the NYC skyline and Hudson River.