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2020 is almost here and holiday entertaining is certainly underway!!

I have found 20 fantastic items to enhance your holiday entertaining!.

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving, a cocktail soiree or ringing in 2020 with a brunch for the New Year. Here are some of my favorite finds!

'Twas the Week Before Thanksgiving

We all know everyone will have turkey and dressing, and everyone knows that gravy goes along with that. This beautiful little silver pitcher from Current Home works perfectly. It can also be used for coffee service or salad dressing. So many uses!!

I will be baking all weekend for Thanksgiving and I have quite a few pies and cakes on my list to bake. I can't wait to display a good ol' chocolate cake on this chic looking cake stand from CB2.

Start cocktails out with a fun drink like a ginger margarita or an Old Fashioned. Make sure to serve it in style with our original Lucky, Grateful,Thankful napkins designed by Tara Vogel.

Click here to purchase at CBeaLifestyle!

I have had so many clients tell me they have a lot of things, but not quite enough options to entertain more than 10 guests. When a party remains intimate and at home, sometimes renting is not an option. I have suggested many times to those that entertain often to keep a second set of basic items that one will need for dinners, and small gatherings. I love the look of this hand dipped silverware from CB2. It can be dressed up or down on any tablescape and it's very affordable.

It bugs me when you have to pick up an item on a buffet or a plate of passed food with just a fork and spoon. Trying to grab a piece of chicken or salad with a fork?

Tongs work for everything! Any dish!

These are a great buy at CB2.

I am loving this chic green dish for any appetizer or main course. I found that it is very popular as it is on back order but you can order now and have in time for New Years Eve.

Ring in 2020 with a cocktail soirée!

Check out these items for a great cocktail party.

Set the mood with candles!

First and foremost...set the mood with candlelight!

I love the look of these candles from Belle Fleur. You know the scent is going to be delicious when they are created by the amazing and talented floral and decor designer Meredith Waga Perez of the stylish Belle Fleur in New York City.

Then it's time for a cocktail! I have found that a small bar cart like this one I had set in a corner of my dining room is perfect for entertaining. It frees up counter space or any tables you might want to use for food presentation or buffets.

This works perfectly for a bar, a dessert cart or a small selection of hors d'ouevres. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a designated space for any of these needs, and the size is perfect to tuck out of the way. I have found 2 reasonably priced options below similar to the one I have enjoyed in my own home.

A holiday party definitely calls for a little bubbly! This is a perfect size to hold mulitple bottles of wine or champagne. You could also use it as a seafood tower or fill it with pomegranates, or other fall fruits for a decorative centerpieces.

A cocktail reception with champagne calls for something elegant, sexy and stylish!

I am in LOVE with these sequin boots from Zara.

I found unbelievable options at Zara for cocktail attire. This leather skirt was the best find. I'm gonna live in this going from day to evening, casual to formal. I love the way it looks with this Veronica Beard blouse.

You don't have to have fine china for a chic look in entertaining these days. There are so many decorative options in paper and it literally makes clean up a breeze. Check out these abstract designs below. I'm amazed they are paper! You can get matching Blanc White Marble Paper Cocktail Napkins from CB2, or shop our many styles at CBeaLifestyle!

There is nothing more elegant than serving a cocktail in a gorgeous cut crystal glass. I found a fantastic option that won't break the bank though-these bar glasses from West Elm will make you feel like you're in the chicest bar around.

I used this bronze tray to place a special cocktail near the entry as guest arrive or soemtimes I will fill it with a selction of cheese, olives and crackers- my favorite cocktail snack!

Want to really wow your friends and serve a delicious and entertaining appetizer to guests?? Hire Oysters XO!! They are available in MANY cities and they roam the party with oysters and all the fixins and sometimes a "shooter" too.

Reach out to Rifko at Oysters XO You will love him and the services his staff provide.

Ring in the New Year with brunch!!

To save time and make entertaining easier so you can spend more time with your guest make a big batch of drinks and fill a beautiful drink dispenser like this

Mellie Glass Beverage Dispenser . Set aside and let guest enjoy mimosas

I love this two tier pastry stand from Ballard Designs! It is perfect for desserts and actually saves space and great for display because of the height and shelves.

I use it for desserts all the time and plan to display sushi on it for a cocktail reception.

I fill this stand with different sweets and treats all the time.

Do you buy bananas all the time like me, but never get around to eating them and then what? Well I seem to make more banana bread than I eat bananas. I have a old standby recipe I use from The Martha Stewart Cookbook.

I love the idea of doubling the recipe and sending guest home with a "mini loaf".

You can get Paper Baking Pans like mine from Amazon. Send guest home or make your favorite cake in mini size for hostess gifts this holiday season.

I am hoping December holidays and New Years Eve are snow free here in New York. I love the look of my greenery. The snow is pretty when it begins but it last for about 2 seconds until its a pain! Either way I am going to keep cozy in my Brochu Walker V Neck Sweater. Perfect for Sunday brunch!

LOVE, LOVE LOVE the lace details. A bit of edge and feminine at the same time!

I hope you love all these great entertaining finds as much as I do and get great use out of them. Wishing you the BEST Thanksgiving ever!

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